Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneek Peek! Beautiful Amie

Here is Beautiful Amie! I couldn't help but share. I LOVE her hair. She is going to be the most beautiful bride! I am so excited for June 5!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Someday Allie will find her Prince, but her Daddy will always be her KING!!

Since Allie was born she has adored her Daddy. She knows him in ways I will never understand but am so grateful that she does. She has that wonderful magic touch to make Daddy Blissfully happy. Sometimes I envy the bond they have because they have there own little things only they can understand. Like scarring me for one. If there is one thing I hate ALOT in the world its being scared but they both love the thrill of it but even more they LOVE to scare me so they can Laugh! Afterwards I get so mad because I hate the feeling of Jumping out of my skin but then I see there faces and its hard to be to mad.

Allie talks about her Daddy all the time when he is not around. She worries about him and misses him so much when he is gone. She always says. " Mom my Daddy at work! He needs to come home and snuggle." or "My Daddy left me all his snuggles" Which means she is sleeping on his pillow and Daddy left his snuggles for her. Of course being the Mom I am I try to steal the snuggles but she always wins because she has the magic plus those snuggles were left for her. Allie loves her Daddy's pillow if there is one place in the house she loves it is her daddy's pillow.
Allie always tells us that she is a princess and I am a princess and her Daddy is a Prince....I always say he is my prince and she says Yep and he is my King. I love that she thinks that her Daddy is a King because he truly tries to do everything for her and give her anything she needs she can get him to melt at the drop of the hat. I love that she has that power with her sweet beautiful brown eyes. Every little girl should have that power it's just so fun to watch the person cave that can't resist that FACE!! As for me I am domed because Allie has her Daddy's eyes so I get it twice.

OK so this Picture I took of Jason and Allie is so dear to my heart because one day when Daddy was at work Allie asked me Why I close my eyes when I kiss Daddy. So I thought for a minute and told her is was because I wanted to make sure that my Kiss had all my loves and snuggles for him in it. So now every time Allie kisses someone she closes her eyes sometimes tight but here she is holding the kiss because Daddy needs it FOREVER!!!!

A Happy Place!

Ok so today I have had many conversations about Blogs......Why do we do them? I mean people do them to update there family about what is going on and also they blog to show the amazing things they make and do. Some people blog about Tips in there profession or some just rant.......I on the other hand have been well I can't figure out the right word for what I would say my blog is. My blog is a place I wish I could go and write about anything but yet I can't Why because well I like to rant or as I like to say VENT!!! I have written many blogs that are drafts about people and things that well (either I can't handle or I just can't deal with).....WHO in there right mind would want to read about that? I mean really. My last couple of post are depressing. Fiber Food and Worry Wart........WHAT WAS I THINKING? Crazy is what I was thinking.....No wonder hardly anyone reads my blog let alone I hardly update it anymore. The reason why is because well they are all Drafts because I am to afraid to show my real feelings about things. I am not ready to hurt anyone because well I know I am judgmental and Lately I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!! So I don't want to be Harsh or mean but sometimes you just need to VENT!! So my new Quest for now is trying to Figure out what I want my Blog to be!!...........A HAPPY PLACE!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

DISNEYLAND!!! Where Dreams Come True!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They grow up to fast!

Today I was going through some pictures to get them printed and I ran into this one. I love these girls and they are all growing up to fast.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worry Wart!

Why must I worry so? I really hate to worry about everything lately. I have figured out that when I am trying to fall asleep at night all I can do is worry and freak out in my head. Then I wake up in a panic because I fell asleep worrying or worse I hear Allie crying. I need to learn to clear my head let things go and pick them up tomorrow if need be. I also need to learn to let other people help or let things of if they really don't matter. Worry will get me no where.

I love the peace of night to think to myself to try to figure out simple problems but even more solve the big ones. I sometimes think I am trying to do to much at once but I can't stop or I would sink and then I would NEVER sleep. I would turn into the wart they always talk about the Worry Wart! Oh and that would not be a pretty sight.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fabric Food!

So some of you may know and other's may not but either way I need to write or talk about it because well, I don't know how I feel about it. My body for some time has not really been my friend. I know I have done things in the past to anger it well now it is lashing out it ways well I never dreamed of. So after tests and tests and more tests and well a couple of surgeries here and there the last 3 years......My Dr. for now has put me on a High Fiber Diet..................AKA Fabric Foods.

First of all things I hate the word Diet. Yes I know I am over weight and yes I know I eat wrong a lot of the time but there is not one thing I like with the word DIET in it. I hate diet drinks and diet food. I feel like there is a FORCE that is coming at me telling me if you don't it means more tests and more surgeries which is true.

SO I have to suck it up and think of it differently. Problem is more and more each day I learn how Nutrition dumb I am. I am seriously so stupid about food. I never realized that some of the things I eat if I just steamed them instead of ate them raw are better for me. Or that some of the foods I thought were not that great are some of the best. Who knew. Crown me Nutrition Dummy because then at least it comes with diamonds!

Ok so I understand that Dr. or Lab tech's need time to run these so called TEST'S but do they know what it does to a person to wait 5 to 7 days. I hate waiting for tests it is the worst part. The waiting and wondering then.......The call notice the number you take a deep breath and and blow it out then you answer....The Dr. says...........WHAT????? (ok so usually the answer I get is the tests were normal or I get the they were inconclusive so we need to check on that if if causes and more problems) I am the MYSTERY the Mystery Woman with the weird body that they can Never give it a name.......I PRAY IT HAS A NAME THIS TIME!!!! Please Please PLEASE have a name. I just want to move on move forward and have ENERGY and be able to exercise again so then yes world. I can lose weight.........So now I wait!.....wait for the call and pray it has a name, any name and even more a solution so that I can move forward and not feel like I am Sitting at a table stuck eating Fabric Food!